The Gameskulls Headgear offers a complete audio solution to
Xbox 360 gaming.  Other headsets offer single ear pieces or
they split a mono sound signal to both ear pieces giving a
simulated stereo sound.  Our solution offers full immersive stereo
audio and crisp voice communications.  We are offering a
conversion kit that is simple to use and very affordable!

Instructions for use:
   1.  Connect the small silver audio adapter into the back of the
   2.  Connect the Pink plug into the back of the audio adapter.
   3.  Connect the Green plug into your sound source.  Most tele-
        visions have a headphone jack on them now.  If not, they
        can be plugged into your stereo/home theater headphone
        jack. Adjust volume for comfort either using the main vol-
        ume controller on your tv/stereo or the controller that is
        in-line on the headset cable.
    4.  A 12ft extension cable is included in the adapter kit for
         players who lounge on the couch during play.
   5.  On the Xbox 360 under audio settings, the microphone
        needs to be changed to where voice comes through the
   6.  Go play and hear the audio that you have been missing!!

In the odd case that you do not have a headphone jack, you will
need to get an amplified audio source that has a headphone jack
built into it.  This can be achieved by many ways, the two easiest
being either getting a portable stereo or a headphone amplifier.
Contact for help in figuring out your
individual situation and finding the easiest solution.
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